Search is more than just Google

26.09.2013: Karen Blakeman fra RBA Information Services kom til NOLUGs møte for å snakke om hvordan Google fungerer og hvilke andre verktøy man kan bruke for å få bedre søkeresultat.

«Ask ten people to run the same search and they will probably come up with ten different sets of results. Not only does Google personalise and filter results according to our past searches and browsing behaviour, but the devices we use and our online social connections all affect what we see. For many people, Google may not be the first port of call for answering a question. What do they use instead? This session will look at how the commonly used search tools work and the implications for research. It will also review new developments in search, advanced techniques for better results, the hidden web and the future of search.»

Presentasjonen hennes fra foredraget er tilgjengelig under en Creative Commons-lisens på Authorstream.

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